"Pau Figueres is one of today’s most talented and interesting guitarists. His mastery of all musical languages and a proverbial good taste turn his guitar into a fascinating instrument that expresses itself with the ease of a living being" J.V. Frechina, music critic

"His musical approach puts the guitar in a great direction for the instrument in a changing world. Modern Flamenco tends to unite Middle-Eastern and Western cultures in a manner that is politically neutral while retaining universal appeal" Richard McClish, RMC Pickups

"Sobrevolando la música, las puertas y las etiquetas; expandiéndose a lo largo y a lo ancho con una inteligencia y un talento fuera de lo común e impropios de su edad; con el peso de quien lleva varias vidas viviendo para lo mismo; así toma su lugar en el universo musical Pau Figueres" Mayte Martín, cantaora

"Mediterranean, bright, and Flamenco, his guitar moves from local towards Universal" Sergi Boal, composer