“Pau Figueres” (Whatabout Music 2015)

Pau Figueres (Whatabout Music, 2015)

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The self titled album Pau Figueres” (Whatabout Music 2015) is an introduction into Pau’s musical world and a first step into developing his own artistic personality. The sounds of his guitars blend together to create rich textures that seem to come from deep rooted Flamenco and modern music influences. Together with some amazing musician friends who infuse the music with incredible groove and excellent taste, Pau offers us 10 songs that resonate with the Mediterranean essence and at the same time offer us a fresh new approach to Spanish guitar playing, having been called by the critics as New Spanish Guitar. The album won the Enderrock Prize for Best Folk Album of 2015 and has had a very warm welcome in the Catalan musical scene delighting audiences and critics alike.


Aleix Tobias, percussion & drums
Carles Benavent, electric bass
Arnau Figueres, percussion
Jordi Gaspar, acoustic bass
Mel Semé, vocals & clave
Judit Neddermann, vocals