Discography as producer

IN THE GOOD LIGHT - Hayley Reardon NUA - Judit Neddermann
UN SEGON - Judit Neddermann SI CANTO ENRERE - Gemma Humet

Pau has produced the new EP by Massachusetts singer-songwriter Hayley Reardon “In The Good Light” (Tone Tree Music, 2022), the second and third albums by Judit Neddermann, “Un segon” (Satélite-K, 2016)  and “NUA” (Satélite-K, 2018), Gemma Humet‘s debut album “Si canto enrere” (Satélite-K, 2015), Nacho Melús Flamenco-Gospel project “Heaven & Earth”, and co-produced Carles Gutiérrez‘s mediterranean-jazz album “Tot És Ara” (Microscopi, 2022).

In all productions, he has worked alongside recording and mixing engineer Aniol Bestit Collellmir (The Sound Of Wood Studio, Barcelona).

Pau is currently producing Judit Neddermann’s new album due in 2023 together with Arnau Figueres, new songs by singer-songwriter Hayley Reardon to be released in the coming months as a new EP, and is also working on his own future album as a guitarist.