Discography as producer

NUA by Judit Neddermann unsegon

Apart from producing his own musical work Pau has up until now produced Gemma Humet‘s debut album, “Si canto enrere” (Satélite-K, 2015), the second and third albums by Judit Neddermann, “Un segon” (Satélite-K, 2016)  and “NUA” (Satélite-K, 2018) and Nacho Melús Flamenco-Gospel project “Heaven & Earth”. He has taken care of the arrangements, guitar playing (nylon string, steel string, electric guitars, synth drum, bass guitar, electric bass, dobro, cavaquinho, oud and bouzouki), post-production, and mixing alongside recording and mixing engineer Aniol Bestit Collellmir (The Sound Of Wood, Barcelona).

Pau is currently producing Massachusetts singer-songwriter Hayley Reardon‘s upcoming EP, to be released in the coming months.