Discography as producer

NUA by Judit Neddermann unsegon

Apart from produing his own musical work Pau has up until now produced three albums by two Catalan singers: Gemma Humet‘s debut album, “Si canto enrere” (Satélite-K, 2015) and the second and third albums by Judit Neddermann, “Un segon” (Satélite-K, 2016)  and “NUA” (Satélite-K, 2018). He has taken care of the arrangements, guitar playing (nylon string, steel string, electric, bass guitar, dobro, cavaquinho, oud and bouzouki), post-production, and mixing alongside recording and mixing engineers Aniol Bestit Collellmir and Roger Rodés (Medusa Estudio, Barcelona).

Pau is currently producing the album for singer and choir conductor Nacho Melús’ new Flamenco-Gospel project “Heaven & Earth”.